Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Group Questions (March 3 & 5)

This Week’s Schedule

7:00PM @ Church Lobby
(13266 Byrd Dr Odessa, FL 33556)

7:00PM @ the Moon’s
(2938 Mingo Dr Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638)


This group will help you take a next STEP:

Study the Bible Together.
Bring a Bible & your notes from Sunday!
“Changed People Change”

Take Care of Each Other.
We all need someone to lean on!
“Those Who Get Grace Give Grace”

Embrace Serving Together.
Go and BE the church!
“Saved People Serve People”

Practice Generosity Together.
We will make a difference!
“Blessed People Bless People”

Invite someone new to our group this week. We want to double the size of  our group because “Found People Find People.”


What is one key person, one key place, and one key event from your life?

Read 1 Kings 20:40.  What was going on in this verse and what lesson does it teach us today?

What are some of the biggest time wasting habits in your life? Have you ever thought they were a big deal?

Why are habits so powerful?  What analogy did we use for habits?

Read Luke 4:16.  What habit did Jesus make a part of His life? How do you think that played a role in what John 8:29 says?

Fill in the blank, practice makes ______________? How does this principle impact the scope of your life?

The right time to do the right thing is right now... What is one good habit you need to leverage, one bad habit you need to break, and one missing habit you need to develop? What will you do about it?