Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week Three Questions


7:00PM @ Suncoast Crossings Starbucks
16330 FL-54, Odessa, FL 33556
Ray & Amanda Emling

7:00PM @ 19612 Wyndham Lakes Dr Odessa, FL 33556
Brian Moon

7:00PM @ 1600 Villa Capri Cir #206 Odessa, FL 33556 (GATE CODE #1994)
Bobby Gulan


Now that it’s officially fall, what is your favorite thing about this season? (Bonus points for anything other than Pumpkin Spiced _______)

How was Jesus approach to God different from the religion of His day?

Read Matthew 6:1-18. What three spiritual practices does Jesus talk about?

Were any of these habits modeled for you growing up?  What difference could you see in that persons life because of these spiritual practices?

What other spiritual practices can you think of?

What are some ways you could begin, or strengthen, one of these spiritual practice this week?

What has been a defining moment in your life?  As you think back on this incident, what role did God play in your thoughts?  Did you pray?  Did you pray differently?  Were you angry?

Would you say this event strengthened or weakened your confidence in God? Why?

Read James 1:2-4. James says that trials test our faith, or confidence in God, the goal of these tests is “perseverance.”  The implication is that trials can create persevering faith in God.  But why trials?

If God uses defining moments to build our faith in Him, what should our response be next time life takes us by surprise?  What would help us?

Have you ever been asked individually or in a group setting to serve in a church or ministry? What was your initial response to those kinds of requests?

Read Matthew 14:13-21. The disciples used the size of the crowd and their lack of food as excuses to not do what Jesus asked.  What excuses have you used?

As you consider the disciples’ excuses, what were they forgetting to factor into the equation?

The disciples did what they knew how to do. They passed out the broken   pieces of bread and fish. And God blessed their efforts and allowed them to accomplish far more than they could have in their own strength. What is the lesson for us?

What opportunities do you sense God opening for you to practice serving others?


Study the Bible: Read and journal this week on Matthew 6:1-18, James 1:2-4 and Matthew 14:13-21.

Take Care of Each Other: Prayer requests...?

Embrace Serving: Halloweenie Handout???

Practice Generosity: Who/what are we pooling our resources for?

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