Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week Five Questions


7:00PM @ Suncoast Crossings Starbucks
16330 FL-54, Odessa, FL 33556
Ray & Amanda Emling

7:00PM @ 19612 Wyndham Lakes Dr Odessa, FL 33556
Brian Moon

7:00PM @ 1600 Villa Capri Cir #206 Odessa, FL 33556 (GATE CODE #1994)
Bobby Gulan


What do you consider one of your most successful moments in life so far?  Why that achievement?

What are some things that make you feel successful?

Read Ecclesiastes 2:4-10  Do you consider Solomon successful?  Why or why not?

Do you think there is anything wrong with wanting to be successful?  What do you want to be successful at?  Where does that ambition come from?

Now read Ecclesiastes 2:11  When does chasing success slip into idolatry?

We took a quiz to see how big an issue this might be in our lives. With a minimum score of 8, and a maximum of 80, where did you put yourself?

Was your score a surprise to you?  Why or why not?

Where / how do you now recognize yourself seeking self-worth externally?

Idols are not expelled, they're replaced. Meaning it’s not enough to say I am not going to base my self-worth on what I do any longer. So, what changes do you need to make in order to find your sense of self-worth internally?

Read Matthew 16:26. What role does worship play in understanding our true worth?


Study the Bible: Read, journal & memorize Matthew 16:26

Take Care of Each Other: Prayer requests...

Embrace Serving: What am I doing for our Halloweenie Handout?

Practice Generosity: Who/what are we pooling our resources for?

The Quiz from Sunday (1 - 10):

I have a need to be approved by others to feel good about myself.

I want to be known as a workaholic.

I want my kids to behave so others will think I am a good parent.

I believe that if I make mistakes, I myself am a failure.

When I’m criticized I tend to take it personally.

I criticize others in order to feel better about myself.

I compare myself a lot to other people.

I tend to covet a lot more than I celebrate.

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