Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week Six Questions


7:00PM @ Suncoast Crossings Starbucks
16330 FL-54, Odessa, FL 33556
Ray & Amanda Emling

7:00PM @ 19612 Wyndham Lakes Dr Odessa, FL 33556
Brian Moon

7:00PM @ 1600 Villa Capri Cir #206 Odessa, FL 33556 (GATE CODE #1994)
Bobby Gulan


What is the most outrageous claim you have heard or seen from a health or beauty product?  (See if you can find the ad on YouTube for everyone!)

Just to review, what is our definition of an idol?

Do you think women or men struggle more with seeking to gain approval, acceptance, and identity from their appearance?  Explain your answer.

How does being addicted to appearance affect men and women differently?  How does it affect them the same?

What was your score from our quiz?  Did it surprise you?

How does appearance addiction affect your life, mood, self-esteem, view of others, confidence and so on…?

We talked about one really big cause for this in most of our lives, what was it, and how does it cause us to make an idol out of appearance?

Debate the validity or impact of this statement: A lie believed as though it were truth, carries the power of truth in our lives.

How does that play a role in appearance addiction?

We said appearance lies to us in three big ways: 1. Improving my outward appearance will heal my inner brokenness.  2. How I look is who I am.  3. Being beautiful will get me what I want.  Which one of those lies have you ever believed, or if you are honest, currently believe?

What were the consequences of believing those lies?

How does Colossians 2:8-10 help us turn the tide of being addicted to appearance?

What is one thing you could do practically this week to replace your outward appearance’s place in your heart?


Study the Bible:
Read, journal & memorize John 10:10, Proverbs 31:30, and Colossians 2:8-10.

Take Care of Each Other: 
Prayer requests

Embrace Serving: 
What am I doing for our Halloweenie Handout?

Practice Generosity: 
Who/what are we pooling our resources for?

The Quiz from Sunday (1 - 10):

Do you have a hard time concentrating if you don’t feel you look your best?

Are you easily annoyed or judgmental of those who look like you will never look?

I am often anxious or self-conscious about what I wear, how I look, or what people think of my appearance.

I tend to be more concerned about how I look on the outside than who I’m becoming on the inside.

I tend to make snap judgments about people when I first see them.

I often allow my appearance to dictate my mood.


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